Monday 9 April 2012

Cement and Precipitation: The British Bank Holiday

Tulip and rain drops.   Nikon D7000
9th April 2012

In true Bank-Holiday style, it has been drizzly on and off all day.  We managed to get some seeds planted in the vegetable plot and then it cleared up a little, the sun almost attempting to break through at times.

After a trip to the DIY shop, the cement was mixed up ready to put the edging around the pond; it then threw it down with rain.

About 2/3rds of the edging slabs had been laid so the rain made pretty patterns as the cement washed out and swirled into the pond water (which was carried by bucket yesterday from the now empty water butts).

During a brief pause in the deluge, I added the remaining slabs so at least the edging is done.  It is now tipping it down again.  At least the water butts are re-filling I suppose just in case I have to bail out all the water and change it.

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