Thursday 12 April 2012

Happy Hatchday (ish) Dory

Dory the Black Leghorn.  Nikon D7000
12th April 2012

After hunting back through my old photographs, I realised that Dory, our wonderful Black Leghorn, is 8 years old around about now.   We purchased her as a few-day old chick to put under a hen that had gone broody; the broody hen was May, a Light Brama who was not the brightest bird in the flock.  May had chosen to go broody just before we moved house and so our old neighbours 'chicken sat' for us until we had a pen set up for her and the chicks.

The children were still hyped about the latest film at the time, "Finding Nemo", hence the name Dory.   Dory in the film is famous for the line "just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." however our Dory lays large white eggs and in her early years was more "just keep laying, just keep laying...".  She is laying about once a week at the moment; not bad considering.

Happy Hatchday Dory.

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