Sunday 22 April 2012


Eggs in Negative. 5x7 View camera, 150mm
Schneider-Kreuznach Componon-S lens, f/16 for
13 seconds through yellow filter onto
pre-flashed Kenthene VC paper
22nd April 2012

This morning I counted the egg-mountain and realised that there was just over 5 dozen.  I wondered if some of the eggs could be like matter and anti-matter and that if you bash them together, they disappear.   I did not try smashing any together as it may get a little messy, but pondered on the idea and thought I would have a little fun with the view cameras and paper negatives.

6cm x 9cm view camera. The front standard
is tilted back slightly so that the
plane of focus runs vertically through the
egg, despite the rear standard being tilted.
  Using the little view camera, I photographed an egg almost at a 1:1 ratio onto a 6cm x 9cm negative.  I took a few exposures at slightly different settings and then developed them quickly.

Positive of Life-size image of the egg.
6x9 view camera, reclaimed 100mm Kodak lens,
f/16 for 3 minutes and 39 seconds through a
yellow filter onto pre-flashed Ilford VC paper.

I then arranged the negatives in an egg box with a few real eggs and took a second picture at about 1/2 life-size using the 5"x7" view camera.

5x7 view camera and the small paper negatives in the eggbox.
The front standard is twisted a bit to the left so that the plane of
focus follows the negatives in the front row of the box.

My hope was that having positive and negative eggs, the mountain would reduce.  It did not.

View on the ground glass of the 5x7 camera

Jo had a good day with the mountain though and we now have 2  jars of pickled eggs, some ice cream and some meringues; and a lot less eggs :)

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