Tuesday 17 April 2012


Cherry Blossom.  Nikon D7000
17th April 2012

As Spring really starts to take hold, the Cherry blossom is bursting out in a brilliant blaze of white flowers.  Fingers crossed  and with the aid of a few bees, we may be lucky enough to get big bunches of green cherries on the tree later in the year.

Our cherry tree is a very dwarf variety and is about 1.5metres high.   It is planted right next to the chicken run, but on the other side of the wire.  There is no blossom at chicken height, even though they can jump surprisingly high, so there is no chance of the chickens getting at the cherries; despite how longingly they stare at them.  I sometimes feel a little cruel in that the cherries are so close to them, but unavailable.


The tree never seems to have red cherries on though; the green ones go a hint of pink and then just shrivel into stones.  I must keep an eye on the Blackbird this year too....

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