Sunday 8 April 2012

The Escape Artists

On the wrong side of the wire.  Nikon D7000
7th April 2012

After much effort in tidying the garden, we extended the chicken run to cover the area under the trampoline.  The extension has two benefits: firstly the chickens get more space in a reasonably dry area, even when it rains; secondly, I no longer have to mow under the trampoline.

Unfortunately, three of the pesky foul found a means to exit into the garden at large.   Despite repeatedly checking for holes in the wire and pegging down areas that looked as if at a push they may be ducked under, they continued to keep escaping.

Chickens at times show themselves to be really quite bright, however when chased, they revert to total random and just try to push through the wire to get back in the pen; they give no clues as to how they managed to get out as they will rarely find the exit hole from the opposite direction.

After a short period of observation in the late afternoon, one flew up onto the stool that the children use to get onto the trampoline, and casually jumped off into the garden.   It appears that if there is anything solid against the wire, they are happy to fly up onto it and then jump off, however they do not seem comfortable at just flying over the wire, despite being very capable of doing so.   Thank heavens they are bird-brained most of the time.

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