Thursday 5 April 2012

Getting your nuts nibbled

Grey Squirrel.  Nikon D7000
5th April 2012

This holiday we decided to do a little 'light' gardening; I removed the last remnants of the collapsed Gazebo and instead we decided a pond would be nice.   After a few hours of 'light' work today shifting heavy bags of cement and laying big concrete foundation blocks, I am sufficiently knackered to confirm that this week is indeed a traditional Easter holiday.

As a 'gift' to all pond builders, Thames Water have introduced a hosepipe ban today; it will be real fun for all the family in the form of a bucket relay from the water butt when we come to fill the pond.

To cap it all, the squirrels are fed up with the feeder I made for them in an attempt to slow their attrition of the bird food; one decided to nibble my nuts instead.

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