Wednesday 18 April 2012


Decaying post.  Fuji F11
18th April 2012

Being compelled to capture a new image every day does adjust the way one perceives the world.  For the last year or so, I have walked past this post on a regular basis, usually more concerned about the dog splashing mud all over me as she jumps through the style.

This morning I noticed just quite how decayed the wood is, but also the mosses, lichens and the ivy.  I took the picture, not quite sure about which feature/ plant I should focus on, but later realised it was the texture of the wood that really caught my attention.

Having thought about the wood a little more, the texture is in part due to the actions of the ivy and mosses as they speed the decay; all elements play their part and support each other.

Regarding support, the new style post just on the left of the picture is crudely nailed onto this rotten one; I think I will lean less on this side of the style as I am crossing from now on otherwise I may end up face first in the mud!

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