Friday 6 April 2012

Day of Crosses

5"x4" stereo camera: f/16 1 second onto pre-flashed Ilford MGIV VC paper negative through a  yellow filter.

6th April 2012
Good Friday

As Easter is upon us, I took my stereo 5"x4" camera  for a walk in a nearby cemetery.   Somehow the cemetery seemed appropriate as, given the time of year, there are lots of crosses.   The stereo image above is just as it comes out of the camera and can be viewed in 3D by going cross-eyed; again, more crosses.

I advise you to do the cross-eye trick in private; it does make one look a right Muppet, but it is fun to see in 3D without silly glasses.

The large tree in the background is a Wellingtonia.   It is rather majestic and you can even see it from the motorway when passing the town.  I measured it a few years ago using a pinhole camera (it was 29 metres high) and plan to capture some more images of the tree at a later date.

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