Monday 30 April 2012

Rainy World Pinhole Photography Day

Garden through rain soaked window.
6x9 MDF pinhole camera, 37mm focal length,
f/185 for 15 minutes onto pre-flashed Ilford VC
paper negative through a green filter.
29th April 2012

Today is World Pinhole Photography Day where many folks as sane as me capture an image with a pinhole camera all on the same day.  The images are submitted to the website and added to the gallery for all to view.

The weather today was not conducive to pinhole photography really; due to the very small aperture in the camera, it helps if there is lots of light. This image took 15 minutes and is not the best, but does capture the feeling of the wild weather.  The camera was only completed a few days ago so I am still trying to get to grips with the field of view it provides.

I also took some colour stereo pinhole pictures; I will wait until I develop those before deciding on what I am going to submit to the WPPD website....

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