Tuesday 10 April 2012


Evergreen Clematis.  Nikon D7000
10th April 2012

We planted an evergreen Clematis to grow over the pergola a few years ago.  It flowers in the spring (and possibly a second flowering later in the year too) and is slightly scented.  Last year the buds formed but then the whole thing died back and we thought we had lost it.  This year I kept giving it a bucket of water every few days and it seems to be ok.  The flowers are just starting to fade now as Spring really takes hold.  It is rather nice to have a good flush of flowers this early in the year.

The downside is the best view is from the childrens' bedrooms as the majority of the flowers are on the top of the mass of green and brown foliage.  Unfortunately, the children could not give a flying F... as to how pretty it looks.

The Wisteria will be out soon and I can see that from down on the patio.

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