Friday 13 April 2012

Snakes in the grass

Snakes Head Fritillaries in North Meadow, Cricklade.  Nikon D7000
13th April 2012

The snakes in question just nod gently in the breeze; eventually it is estimated there will be about 500,000 that will flower in this one field (estimated as 80% of the British population).  The field is North Meadow just outside Cricklade and there is a website that shows the current state of the Fritillaries.

Cricklade Church.  Nikon D7000
Fritillary with Fly.  Nikon D7000

The field is huge and there is this subtle purple glow that spreads off far into the distance from all the flowers.

The flowers were not quite in full bloom across the entire field this evening, although the far end of the field is quite advanced.  Well worth a walk with a camera.

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